Friday, May 28, 2010

Client Development aka SALES

So when you were approaching law school graduation, after pulling countless all nighters, eating lots of cold pizza, writing tons of papers, researching every nuance of cases you finally get to the big day.

You graduate and you tell your parents, “Mom and dad, I’ve worked so hard, made you so proud, what my real purpose in life is and what I am destined for is…SALES!”

Okay..probably not. Truth is, in effective organizations, you can call it whatever you want, but their life blood is sales. From the receptionist (some firms call, Directors of First that one), to the legal secretary, law clerks, associates, to the managing partners and support staff. They all play a role, whether it’s offering a cup of coffee to a waiting client, returning a call or email about an issue in a timely manner, or simply having a conversation to better understand their business issues.

In my seminar, I often hear terms associated with salespeople: pushy, liars, prone to exaggerate, insincere, not to be trusted. But, most people like to buy. So if people buy, but hate being sold to how does anyone make any money? How do salaries get paid?

Effective sales is not pushy or insincere. It’s where you facilitate the buying process by getting and staying in alignment with a prospective client with the outcome being you have helped them achieve a goal, satisfy a need, and/or solve a problem.

That’s the end result. First, you have to develop leads and a pipeline. Then, someone has to say, “tell me more”.

Next issue will discuss developing effective referral networks and qualifying opportunities in or out quickly.

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